分享 美国叫爱国主义教育,称别国为洗脑
MingHao 2022-9-23 07:03
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分享 为什么每个人都必须哀悼女王的逝世?
MingHao 2022-9-23 03:37
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分享 华人华侨是中国最大的国际人力资源
MingHao 2022-9-21 03:20
全球化智库创始人王辉耀:华人华侨是中国最大的国际人力资源 https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/S-s6pOdEnC0wCGz_v-wJog
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分享 马尼拉的华人 16-17世纪
MingHao 2022-9-20 04:22
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分享 A Newport Mansion in Rhode Island and Chinese Labors in California
MingHao 2022-8-30 08:02
Rosecliff Mansion in Newport and Chinese Railroad workers in California, any connection ? Owner's father James Graham Fair employed 600 Chinese immigrant for the job which included two tunnels, one 6,200 feet long and the other 5,000 feet long. In the course of the tunneling thirty-one workers lo ...
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分享 顾屏山Confessions of a disgruntled Chinese-American
MingHao 2022-8-24 02:28
Confessions of a disgruntled Chinese-American
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分享 Unburying History: Portland's shameful anti-Chinese violence
MingHao 2022-8-23 04:59
Steve Law December 10 2020 My view: In an era when the country was yanking out the welcome mat of those who risked their lives to build a transcontinental railroad here, the Chinese population of Portland actually grew. PMG FILE PHOTO - Mount Tabor is known ...
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分享 华工取代西印度群岛黑奴-150年前法国雕塑
MingHao 2022-8-18 11:22
emancipation fantasies exposed at met using one famous sculpture
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