分享 伟大复兴与解放
MingHao 2023-5-2 10:51
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分享 Chinese Laundry in Bronx
MingHao 2023-5-2 03:14
The Bronx: East 170th Street And Sheridan Avenue -Looking Toward Grand Concourse (February 5th 1929) https://www.facebook.com/AlPontesTimeMachineNewYork/
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分享 美国劳工运动中的“美国病”
MingHao 2023-5-1 12:42
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分享 ‘I found out my grandfather was a Nazi party chief. I knew what I had to do nex
MingHao 2023-5-1 11:29
Burkhard Bilger https://www.yahoo.com/news/discovered-grandfather-nazi-140000298.html
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分享 1906 SF 地震
MingHao 2023-4-24 09:24
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分享 天经地义的族裔不平等
MingHao 2023-4-24 09:07
Between 1909 and 1914, Fernridge Lumber Co. in British Columbia, Canada, had time checks like this made for employees of Asian descent to wear around their necks: “These time checks were likely given to workers each morning and worn on a string around their necks, then handed back at the end ...
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分享 亚太裔传统月系列讲座:鸦片换茶叶,教材里的族裔平等,培养艺术创造力 ... ... ... . ...
MingHao 2023-4-24 08:47
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分享 Chinese At Sacramento Area
MingHao 2023-4-23 07:04
chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/https://scholarworks.csun.edu/bitstream/handle/10211.2/2374/CAgeographer1975_p1-15.pdf?sequence=1 https://www.jstor.org/stable/25154414
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